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Ga. Lawyer-Legislator Jordan Leads 'Bigger Than Abortion' Debate

Shamp Jordan Woodward partner & Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan leads a list of 5 legislators from around the country talking about abortion bans passed by 9 states this year in an article published Monday by the The Guardian.

“Jordan’s dissent speech went viral in a YouTube video and landed her an invitation to testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. In Washington she spoke against a federal bill that would ban abortions nationwide at about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the same point as current Georgia law—which she said led to an alarming rise in maternal mortality. After the legislative session ended and Jordan returned to her law practice full-time, she continued to speak out daily about the issue and others on Twitter. She has noted that the timing of the move to ban abortions in Georgia followed what started out as a bipartisan effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. That effort was lost after the introduction of the abortion ban.”

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Jennifer Jordan